Near & Far

In the world there are many places where conscious design decisions have intertwined with a natural beauty and a practical necessity, verified by years of experience...


Research has shown that 80% of all the dirt that gets into the building entered from the street. Special dirt-resisting coating is capable of catching 90% of dirt and prevents it from entering inside.


Ability to recognize the sequences and patterns, to fill with sense and give intentions - this is how the human mind works. Having received new impressions, we associate...


Transformation collection brings chaotic beauty of nature into your room. Random decoration allows you to style it in a no-pointing way.


Exquisite design resembling the stone structure. Perfect collection for zoning of large and small spaces.


The system allows the sound insulation improvement and comfort increase in one step. Proper investment in the acoustic comfort improvement.

Equal Measure

The pendulum continues to swing. New technologies have created a society of universal and instant interaction...

Net Effect™

It is the best reminder of the fact that the most beautiful design hides a deep history of its creation. Innovative program Net-Works brought together the fishing industry and...

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