About Us

Sable Floor is a team of experts on the selection and delivery of effective, innovative solutions on the market of contract flooring coatings. We consolidate in one place the whole progressive world experience and extensive knowledge in the area of flooring coatings with only one purpose — quickly and reliably help our clients improve the commercial real estate, equipping it with the most high-quality and beautiful floor coatings.

World leader in the production of carpet tiles -Interface. Modernity and variety of design, the latest technology, as well as sustainable ecological friendliness at a high quality inherent in all collections Interface. Sable Floor is the accredited partner and the official distributor of the company, so in addition to professional advice and best prices we offer a guarantee for all Interface products for 15 years.

Along with the Interface Company, our partners are world leaders in the production of various types of commercial floor coatings. Modular raised floor from the MeroTech Company, vinyl coating and commercial linoleum from the Gerflor Company, as well as commercial carpet of Edel Group and Agnella with their best quality and unique technical characteristics allow us to create complex solutions and carry out deliveries at the best conditions. Extensive working experience and accumulated expertise is always available for our clients — we will consult you on the design and performance characteristics promptly and free of charge.



Flooring coating Interface

Our product line has excellent performance, innovative design, and high environmental indicators and ensures excellent value for money; all this is combined with careful attention to the client.



State institutions

For all state institutions which we worked with the issue of environmentally friendly goods production was very important. And we are proud that we were able to offer them our solutions in the area of floor coatings.



Global space for a human

We are building a global space for a human being with the usage of biophilic design. Under the guidance of a famous Italian designer Paul Kastronoze



Imagine the space

Workspace plays an important role in shaping the image of your organization, and certainly, the quality of the floor coating says much about the design of room. That’s why we offer a floor coating

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